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We’re out in the community this February and March, gathering your feedback about projects that can improve walking, biking, taking transit, and driving in Indy, both today and in the future. You can find out where we’ll be by visiting the Events page. But if you can’t join us in person, don’t worry! This page includes all of the maps we’re sharing at the open houses, and you can provide your feedback through our online mapping tool through March 21st.


Open house materials


Overview Presentation

Learn about Indy Moves and how to tell us which transportation projects matter most to you!

Indy Moves Community Open House Presentation


All Projects

Check out the bicycle, pedestrian, transit, and roadway projects we have compiled so far from 10 plans and projects.


Roadway and Railroad Projects

Hone in on planned road widening projects and new streets from the Thoroughfare Plan.


Bicycling Projects

Examine the existing and proposed bicycle network from the Bicycle Master Plan.


Walking Projects

Focus on planned sidewalk and crossing projects from the Pedestrian Plan.


Citywide Equity Map

Using an equity lens in Indy will help us improve access to transportation options for all. The Equity Index is based on combined densities of people below 200% of the federal poverty level, adults aged 65 and over, youth aged 10 through 17, no-vehicle households, people with a disability, people with limited English proficiency, and people who self-describe as not White/Caucasian.


Citywide Crashes Map

This map shows hot spots of crashes in Indy from 2012 – 2016 weighted by crash severity, which ranges from property damage to injury to fatality.


October Open House Existing Conditions Boards

Do you need more background on Indy Moves? You can review our existing conditions report or take a look at these boards from our October open house.



What ideas do you have for projects that will help Indy Move? Visit our interactive map to share your thoughts on the projects we’ve already mapped, those we’ve missed, and those your neighbors have added. We want to know what projects matter most to you and which you think are most important for our future.